Cut To Fit are a bad acid trip you will find yourself constantly returning to, yet one you always fail to build any immunity towards, making each and every listen as crazed and potent as the first.

To contact the band, mail to: cuttofit@windowslive.com

APRIL 2015

After the long wait and some hard work, Black Mouth is finally out 17th of April, 2015. You can order it through Levykauppa Äx or through us at cuttofit@windowslive.com

JULY 2014

Our rehearsal space was flooded with sewage water and we lost all our gear, so there'll be a slight delay in our progress with the new album. Half way there, though.


We are excisted to announce the first, short but intense European tour. We'll be circling around Poland and such with a Finnish metal band Skulldriver, and we are quite excited. Here are the dates, if you can help us with one or two more after Prague, drop us a message at cuttofit@windowslive.com .

20.03.2014 Klub Metro, Gdansk, Poland
Underground Rock Bar, Poznan, Poland
Grodzka 42, Krakow, Poland
Showbarlang, Budapest, Hungary
Das Bach, Wien, Austria
Exit Chmelnice, Prague, Czech Republic
28.03.2014 Orwo Haus, Berlin, Germany
29.03.2014 Motor Rock Pub, Slupsk, Poland

We haven't been abroad since Obscene Extreme 2010, so we wish to see at least two faces when we finally get there, wherever that may be! We'll eat nothing beut rice for the next six months for this tour, but who gives a shit, we just want to play!

February 2014

There's an interview of us at Blasting Days website.

October 2013

All of our releases are available for streaming at our bandcamp site!

July 2013

The Doors of Deception is out now! Order through Levykauppa Äx or straight from us: cuttofit@windowslive.com, 8 euros + postage. For worldwide orders, use Levykauppa Äx. Also you can watch our entire show from Tuska Open Air right here.

May 2013

We are on fire. Next record will be out soon, split will be out soon, there's shitloads of shows coming up and we are loving our lives more than ever.

UPDATE 30.5: Lyrics and cover art for "THE DOORS OF DECEPTION" are available here.

December 2012

We'll be playing at TUSKA OPEN AIR 2013!! And we're working on our next record but Vili broke his hand and we can't play anymore shows this year. This year has been shit, next one will propably be better. I hope. You can also stream and download most of our albums from Bandcamp now.

September 2012

Havoc Supreme fully streamable at J. Randall's (Agoraphobic Nosebleed) net label (stream here), you can also buy it from Record Shop X.
We're taking it slow now, Vili does South American tour with Inferia, Jere does Wales for two months, and Eetu is busy doing absolutely nothing.

July 2012

Havoc Supreme is finally released! You can buy it straight from us for the prize of 8 euros. It's also available at Levykauppax Äx for slightly higher prize but more precisely and with faster delivery.

Also we are having a few gigs coming up, see them from the Alive/Dead section. We are willing to play anywhere, either grinding as a trio or playing sludge as a duo!

January 2012

Havoc Supreme is the title of our upcoming record and it will be out as soon as we have the money. You can find the lyrics and the tracklisting from the Crimes -section. Also Babylon Burns is now sold out and it's now available for free download here.